Site Problems update

The problem below is now almost fixed and login and registration for comments and to the forums is now available again

However, at the moment, after login you will see an error 403 page as access is being blocked to the dashboard which is the default landing page. You are however logged in at this point and should click previous page on your browser and then page refresh to see the site.

As mentioned above dashboard access is, for the moment, being blocked due to the problems noted in the previous post. Thus you cannot change your password or customise your view of the site. This will hopefully only be a temporary restriction.

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Site Problems

Unfortunately due to the current publicised WordPress brute force attacks login or registration to these forums is not possible on  the advice of the hosting company.

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December Site Changes

Location pages for Prometheus, The Dark Knight Rises and  World War Z plus initial page for The Angel’s Share.

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October site changes

Location pages for The Eagle and Stardust added to the site plus initial  movie pages for Prometheus and A Lonely Place to Die.

Due to abuse of the comments system,  in the form of a flood of spam postings, to make a comment now requires registration and you will need to be logged in to post a comment on a blog entry.

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Other changes

Also added to the site is the location that didn’t make it in Captain America and an updated location page for Breaking the Waves.

Hopeful additions to the site in October will be locations pages for Stardust and The Eagle and possibly a few others

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Google Earth map files

A feature of the new location pages is the option to download the locations files for each movie for use in Google Earth. Once downloaded simply click on a file to add it to Google Earth. This will load the … Continue reading

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Doomsday added to site plus filming location pages for Brenachoile Forest, Loch Katrine and Blackness castle

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Local Hero

Local Hero pages being updated to new layout and two new filming locations added.

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Valhalla Rising

Valhalla Rising location at Ardtoe. Area for comment/questions etc

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Hello world!

Finally,  a decade or more later than the rest of the world, gets a blog area.

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